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The Shasta Triangle Poster Large

A fresh idea marred by outdated tropes.

My Bloody Valentine Large

A classic '80s slasher gets some real love from Scream Factory.

House By The Cemetery Large

Zig checks out a haunting Fulci classic.

Daniel Isnt Real Poster Large

Or is he?

House That Jack Built Blu Large

A seriel killer is compelled to create a masterpiece in this new film by Lars von Trier.

Universal Horror Collection Volume 2 Large

Scream Factory dips back into the Universal vault for seconds.

Body Parts Large

Zig wants to know if evil lives in the mind, the heart or the flesh.

Color Out Of Space Poster Large

It's purple.

Tammy And The T Rex Large

A tame '90s comedy gets a gory makeover.

Lets Scare Jessica To Death Large

Zig checks out this haunting slice of 70s folk horror.

Edge Of The Axe Large

An axe wielding maniac terrorizes a small town in this obscure '80s slasher.

Color Out Of Space Poster Large

And here we thought no one could do Lovecraft justice that wasn’t named Stuart Gordon. Get ready to be driven mad at a single stroke!

The Omen Collection Large

The classic horror franchise receives one hell of special edition.

Feedback Us Poster Large

This is one broadcast that you won’t be prepared for.

It Chapter 2 Blu Ray Large

Pennywise is back, but so are The Losers.

Universal Horror Collection Volume 3 Large

A new collection of 4 fun genre offerings from the 1930s and '40s.

Hang Up Poster Large

One unwanted phone call can change everything.

When We Dance The Music Dies Poster Large

Daddies, don’t let your daughters grow up to be cult members…

The Nights Before Christmas Poster Large

Santa Claus is coming to town... again.

She Walks In The Woods Poster Large

Ted laces up his viewing boots for a frustratingly familiar nature hike with She Walks the Woods.


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